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Business improvement, Quality, Process & Project Management Consultants.
Specialising in ISO 9000, ISO 1400, TQM, BS 8800, Six Sigma & SA 8000 and
International Business Development, particularly in the Far East 


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Welcome to the ISOtec Home page

Has your business ever been frustrated by continuous firefighting within its management tasks? Have you ever wanted to improve your business efficiency and productivity? Has your company ever felt restricted by the limited availability of good employees from the tight labor market? Would you like to improve your employee retention? Do you want to reduce waste and rework costs? Are you always relying on the knowledge of a few key employees? Do you need to improve communication, training and job satisfaction amongst your employees? Would you like to reduce accidents? Would you like to reduce your contractual disputes? Are you frustrated by those errors that continue to spoil your perfect service to your customers? Is your work often late and over budget? Would you like to run a business that wins many repeat orders and customer referrals? Do you want to increase your market share and have better access to international markets? These are just some of the common issues that affect businesses in their quest to survive in today's competitive market.

If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes", it is likely that we can assist you to improve your process, improve your profit line and "make your business better". Our aim is to develop quality management processes that produce benefit for all interested parties through sustained customer satisfaction and towards the achievement of business excellence. ISOtec's consultants have assisted over 200 companies (see our client list) improve their business - and with a 100% achievement record on those clients wanting to adopt ISO 9000, ISO 14000 or TQM (Total Quality Management). A major key to our success is in our understanding of how to manage change within our clients' organizations.

It doesn't matter whether you are only starting on the bottom rung of the business ladder or that you are an established company with a top grade quality system; whether you are a large manufacturing organization or a small service provider; a back office operation or the main head-quarters; a blue chip company or a public service - our training and consulting can be tailored to meet your business and process needs. These procedures are based both on internationally developed and proven standards as well as on the extensive experience of our consultants. In our introduction page we list some of the results and benefits that some of our clients have reported back to us!

ISOtec's consultants provide a powerful blend of business, process, change and project management skills from a variety of industry backgrounds and across several international business areas. We also have first hand knowledge of running our own businesses. Our clients have included national & local government offices, national transportation, multinational businesses, construction, construction suppliers, architects, banks, property management, hospitals, back offices as well as many small businesses.

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Did you know that all training costs associated with ISO certification and other industry specific standards such as QS 9000 are fully tax deductible in the year they are spent. This applies whether you have obtained quality certification or are still thinking about it!
ISOtec has also assisted some clients in obtaining government grants to help cover the cost of training and quality improvement.
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