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Business improvement, Quality, Process & Project Management Consultants.
Specialising in ISO 9000, ISO 1400, TQM, BS 8800, Six Sigma & SA 8000 and
International Business Development, particularly in the Far East 


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Some of Our Consultants' Experience

Major Defense Contractor:

Ms. Chambre is one of the best instructors I have come in contact with in my personal, corporate and military careers. Her complete knowledge of the ISO standards coupled with her outstanding teaching abilities make her a superior asset to both her company and to those companies her talents are employed. She can ensure that her students understand the required data with minimal background to the subject material while ensuring the no compromise to the ISO standard. Her superior knowledge of the ISO standard ensures consistent presentations to any level of student she is instructing. I highly recommend Ms. Chambre to any customer who wants their employees to fully understand the ISO standard she teaches.
ISOtec have acted as sub-contract trainers to a leading Registrar. Their feedback report to us says:

"They are expert on business improvement, ISO 9000 auditing and training. Their communication skills, team skills and time management are second to none. Their professional appearance and presentation are above reproach. We have absolute trust and confidence in them to always do a tremendous job. Feedback from our customers confirms that they consistently perform to an outstanding level and it is a pleasure and a blessing to have them affiliated with our organization".

A leading food company is now looking to use us for training for a third time in twelve months.  
  ISO 9001:2000 training to a Smart Card Solutions Provider:
" Outstanding delivery, met all objectives with excellent use of applicable business examples without overkill. Certainly maintained everyone's attention."
" Best one yet"
Comments on our "Using ISO 9001:2000 as a foundation for business excellence" workshop at the Sterling Conference, Orlando.
  "I wanted to thank you again for doing such a wonderful job with the the training class for Goodyear Chemical. You are probably one of the best instructors that I have received - always in control of the class without being dictatorial, very clear and easily understood, and receptive to ideas of the class. We would certainly use you for future training. Thank you again for making this training experience very positive for Goodyear."
"Thanks for the excellent training course yesterday for GE Services. You were able to accomplish the goals I needed for my top management attendees. You are an excellent trainer and your professionalism was noted and appreciated by all."  
  "The consultants extensive experience, professional knowledge and deep involvement have helped us greatly in achieving the ISO 9002 certificate. We have no hesitation in recommending ISOtec to any company that wishes to embark on the very challenging pursuit of attaining ISO certification."
"Our achievement would not have been possible without the hard work, professionalism, expertise and dedication of the consultants of ISOtec. We highly recommend ISOtec to other companies setting out on the challenging but rewarding pursuit of quality"  
  "We have been impressed by ISOtec for providing professional services of excellent quality."
"We are impressed by ISOtec's good consulting service and their professionalism and have no reservation in recommending ISOtec to any company that intends to improve their quality management system."  
  "The quality of consultancy services provided by ISOtec is excellent and highly professional. We would not hesitate to recommend its service to any company in its pursuit for ISO Certification."
"Our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the excellent work and advice provided by your ISOtec consultants."  
  "Despite our broad scope of work, complicated work procedures and diversified job nature of our various departments and offices in different locations, ISOtec has been relentless and well structured in their work. They have provided useful suggestions and solutions, helped motivate our staff and led us successfully through the audit assessment. We are sincerely thankful to ISOtec and recommend their service to any company wishing to attain ISO 9000 certification."
"May I express our sincerest appreciation to ISOtec for their great work during this project. It was our pleasure to have ISOtec as our consultants on our quality journey."  
  "I just wanted to write to say thank you to ISOtec for your efforts over the last months which are greatly appreciated by all of us here in the office. Thank you very much for a job well done."
"ISOtec's extensive experience, professional knowledge and deep involvement helped us greatly in achieving our ISO 9002 certificate."  
  "The W R Grace Quality Vision Award is awarded to ISOtec for outstanding contributions resulting in significant quality improvements in the way we do business."
"ISOtec has provided us with a very professional and dedicated service throughout all our association with them. Their advice and assistance has helped us to achieve benefits beyond our original objectives."  
  • Airport Authority Hong Kong
  • Anovastar
  • Camp Dresser Mckee (Environmental Engineers)
  • Chi Shing Electronic Coils Ltd.
  • China Light & Power Co., Ltd. - Generation Projects Division
  • Commercial Software Services Limited (CSSL)
  • Correctional Services Department, The Government of The Hong Kong SAR
  • Crown Pacific (Removals & Shippers)
  • Crystal Properties Development Ltd.
  • Crystal Sweaters
  • Crystek (electronics)
  • D & D Metal Sales Co. Ltd.
  • Daido Concrete
  • David C Lee Surveyor
  • Denco International
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Excel Dental Supplies
  • First Pacific Davies (Building and Property Services; Property Management; Design)
  • Fox Electronics (frequency control devices)
  • Fujita Corporation
  • Gammon Alarm Limited
  • W. R. Grace - Construction; Compounds and Containers; Fireproofing; Waterproofing
  • Hansion Construction
  • Hitachi Chemical Co.
  • Hong Kong Parking Ltd.
  • The Hongkong Electric Co Ltd - Projects Division
  • Hong Kong Government (various departments)
  • Hopeson Holdings Ltd.
  • HPC (Macau) Limited
  • I-P Foundations
  • ISOtec (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  • JDC Construction
  • Kerry Godown Holdings
  • Klocke of America
  • Koszegi Asia Limited
  • Kodak Electronic Products
  • Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC)
  • LSG Lufthansa Catering Services
  • Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC)
  • Masterful Limited
  • Mattel Toys
  • Mattel Toys Vendor Operations
  • Multiple Surveyors Ltd.
  • Pioneer Concrete
  • Pioneer Asphalts
  • RFQ ElectronICs
  • Santak Engineering
  • SCE Co. Ltd.
  • Security Systems Ltd.
  • Seele Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Serco Guardian
  • Soma Construction
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Takenaka Hong Kong
  • Tandy Radio Shack
  • Tokin Electronics
  • Top Glory Insurance Co. (Bermuda) Ltd.
  • Tsien Wui Marble Co. Ltd.
  • Vastly Developments Ltd.
  • Vigers Hong Kong
  • Welton Electronics
  • Wicksfull Holdings Ltd. - Structural Steelworks Engineering
  • Wormald Engineering Services Limited
  • YKK (zippers)


UL International
"ISOtec's clients were well prepared and passed their certifications without difficulty. It is clear to UL that ISOtec's clients have been highly satisfied with the consulting services provided. In my opinion there is not another ISO 9000 consulting company in this region better qualified than ISOtec"
"We consider the consultancy work of ISOtec as reliable, responsible, well organized and professional."


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