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Business improvement, Quality, Process & Project Management Consultants.
Specialising in ISO 9000, ISO 1400, TQM, BS 8800, Six Sigma & SA 8000 and
International Business Development, particularly in the Far East 


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Register NOW for our ISO 9000 Consortium course!!
Great value course - 13 sessions
taught by by one of the region's top instructors

ISO 9000 consortium for full instruction (training, document writing, implementation, auditing and advice) leading to certification. Ten 1-day sessions plus 3 individual on-site company consultancy sessions.

Why You should join

The consortium provides companies with a cost efficient and proven method for improving their business practices, customer satisfaction and profits in readiness for ISO 9001:2000 registration. Benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency, productivity and faster response times
  • Reduced waste and rework costs
  • Better communication throughout the company
  • Improved employee satisfaction and training
  • Less disputes through improved contract review
  • More effective and organized management = Less management fire-fighting
  • Avoidance of relying on the talents of a few key employees
  • Less reliance on the tight labor market
  • Increased market share & better access to international markets
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer referrals and repeat business

How the Consortium works:

  • Companies attend 10 workshop sessions plus receive 3 individual on-site consultant sessions.
  • Workshop sessions are scheduled every 3-4 weeks.
  • Delegates leave each session with the training and tools needed to implement best practices at their companies.
  • Delegates review their accomplishments and implementation progress during each session.
  • By the end of the workshop sessions, delegates are trained as in-house facilitators able to document, audit and improve processes based on an internationally recognized model for good management practices.
  • Sessions are based on the latest standard ISO 9001:2000
  • Documentation is based on your business’s process flow rather than limited to the ISO clauses.
  • Companies achieve real business improvement rather than just an ISO "plaque on the wall"

Consortium Fees:

  • please contact ISOtec for inforation; we may also be able to get you grant assistance

About the Instructor

Based in Ft Myers, ISOtec’s instructor has 16 years international experience in business & process improvement including ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 implementation and registration across a wide range of industries and services. A Registered IRCA Lead Auditor, a Florida Sterling Award Examiner and an international advisor to governments on the establishment of an accreditation body and the development of TQM-based awards.

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Don't be left behind....make your business better and be ISO 9001 registered

Workshop Session Details

Session Date Content
1 One day Welcome and Session Overview
  • Delegate responsibilities

Registrar explains:

  • the registration process
  • overview of ISO 9001:2000 standard
  • using ISO to reduce error and improve customer satisfaction
2 One day

Developing a Project Plan

Using Process Flow Analysis to Improve Your Business:

  • defining your in-house and external customers and requirements
  • defining your key processes
  • mapping your key processes
  • improving your key processes
3 One day Management Responsibility (customer needs and requirements, quality policy, quality objectives and planning, responsibility and authority)
4 One day

Management Responsibility (documentation requirements, document control, record control, management review)

Resource Management (human resources, other resources)

5 One day Process Management (customer-related processes, design and development)
6 One day Process Management (purchasing, production and service operations)
7 One day Process Management (control of nonconformity, post delivery services)

Implementation Training

8 One day Measurement of data (measurement of system performance, measurement of customer satisfaction, internal audits, measurement of processes, measurement of product and/or service, control of measuring, inspection and test equipment)
9 One day Internal Auditor Training
10 One day Analysis and Improvement of Data (corrective action, preventive action, improvement processes)

Training on how to effectively manage the ISO 9001 registration audit process

Training on the ongoing registration process and continuous improvement

Individual Company Sessions:

Session Date Content
11 Half day ISO 9001:2000 Executive Briefing at your site
12 One day Free day of consulting at your site. Company decides how best to use time.
13 One day Free day of consulting at your site. Company decides how best to use time.
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