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Business improvement, Quality, Process & Project Management Consultants.
Specialising in ISO 9000, ISO 1400, TQM, BS 8800, Six Sigma & SA 8000 and
International Business Development, particularly in the Far East 


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Introducing ISOtec

ISOtec is an international management consultancy that specializes in providing you with professional advice and training on how to improve the way your company performs. ISOtec's experienced consultants will provide you with the benefits of good business practices and our business excellence experience. ISOtec's systems can be developed from first principles or based on internationally recognized standards that are customized to match your needs. ISOtec implement sound business practices for management, quality, environment and health & safety which will bring numerous successful and beneficial improvements to your organization.

ISOtec can also provide you with assistance in:

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Set out below are some of the benefits reported by some of our clients:


  • Suggestions per month increased by 24%
  • Customer complaints decreased by 54%
  • Accidents decreased by 62%
  • Response times shortened by 44%
  • Maintenance costs decrease by 16%
  • Rework costs reduced by 55%
  • Increase in business - Not only did we start to receive praise from our existing clients but they also began recommending us to new clients.

Service Provider

  • Preparation time of Monthly Financial reports decreased by 25%
  • Data integrity increased by 50%
  • Clear definition of internal and external customers and customer satisfaction
  • Created a measuring system to track and improve customer satisfaction - and produced positive results
  • Elimination of non value-added work from departmental processes

Construction Company

  • Drawing receipt, distribution and control improved by 38%
  • Rework costs reduced by 45%
  • Accidents decreased by 25%
  • Improved sub-contractor control
  • Improved relationship with clients

ISOtec can assist you to improve your business through the following integrated management systems:

ISOtec offers you guaranteed success in achieving your objectives within an agreed time frame and using our experienced consultants

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