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Business improvement, Quality, Process & Project Management Consultants.
Specialising in ISO 9000, ISO 1400, TQM, BS 8800, Six Sigma & SA 8000 and
International Business Development, particularly in the Far East 


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ISOtec Training Courses

ISOtec's trainers have provided courses to many leading listed companies. ISOtec has provided training from Seattle to Jamaica and in the Far East. Our trainers are much enjoyed for their ability to get the message across to all levels of attendees from top management to general workers; and that ISOtec can draw on our vast experience. ISOtec are often invited back to provide further training and receive most of our work through word of mouth.

ISOtec have acted as sub-contract trainers to a leading Registrar. Their feedback report to us says:

"They are expert on business improvement, ISO 9000 auditing and training. Their communication skills, team skills and time management are second to none. Their professional appearance and presentation are above reproach. We have absolute trust and confidence in them to always do a tremendous job. Feedback from our customers confirms that they consistently perform to an outstanding level and it is a pleasure and a blessing to have them affiliated with our organization".

Below is one of ISOtec's recent references (see also our list of client references):

"Thanks for the excellent training course yesterday for GE Services. You were able to accomplish the goals I needed for my top management attendees. You are an excellent trainer and your professionalism was noted and appreciated by all."

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Free Seminar :: ISO 9000 & Other Courses :: ISO 9000 Consortium

Free seminar

For Manufacturers, Public & Private Service Providers and Back Offices

"Making Your Business Better"

Following the great success of our first presentation of this seminar we will be holding further seminars soon. We can also make free presentations of this and other seminars by arrangement.

Presented by Denise Chambre of ISOtec USA

Those who should attend are CEOs, GMs and Senior Managers who are interested in benefiting from:

  • Increased efficiency, productivity and faster response times
  • Reduced waste and rework costs
  • Better communication throughout the company
  • Improved employee satisfaction and training
  • More effective and organized management = Less management fire-fighting
  • Less disputes through improved contract review
  • Avoidance of relying on the talents of a few key employees
  • Less reliance on the tight labor market
  • Increased market share & better access to international markets
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer referrals and repeat business
  • Increased profits

This no-cost seminar will cover:

  • Benefits, Time and Cost/Savings to Implement Good Business Practices
  • Introduction to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 International Management Standards
  • Business Excellence & the Florida Sterling Award Criteria

Contact ISOtec for further information


Other Courses

ISOtec can teach the following public courses (private courses can be tailored to suit your exact requirements) on :

  • ISO 9000 consortium for full instruction (training, document writing, implementation, auditing and advice) leading to certification. Ten 1-day sessions plus 3 individual company consultancy sessions.
    (Click here for full details)
  • ISO 9001:2000 - introduction, transition, internal auditor, lead auditor, tutored audits and Guidance for Top Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management - One day awareness course
  • ISO 14000 consortium for full instruction (training, document writing, implementation, auditing and advice) leading to certification. Ten 1-day sessions plus 3 individual company consultancy sessions
  • Florida Sterling Award and Business Excellence

For more information on our courses, please contact us. Our ISO 9000 page ("The way forward - How ISOtec can help") describes several methods in which ISOtec can tailor their training courses and hands-on consultancy work to match your needs.

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